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Most granites are hard and dense and thus become a durable building material. They are resistant to water penetration and impact and tolerate industrial environments well.



Travertine is a calcium-rich stone. Available in White to Gray, Silver, Yellow, Red, or Dark Brown. Travertine surface is suitable for putty and filling, polishing and antique.



Marble in marble or Anikis, in terms of mineralogy, calcium carbonate is in the form of aragonite. Marble like travertine is the product of the function of old hot springs and usually layers between …


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Address:8th km of Fuman Road . Rasht . Guilan . IRAN

Tel:+98 13 3477 2064 – 5

Fax:+98 13 3477 2950

Roshan stone factory

due to the geography of the North’s position and access to various kinds of travertine and marble mines and proximity to the Caspian littoral states, this factory is able to produce all kinds of stone with the lowest transportation cost. Travertine and marble mined in the cold regions of Iran due to the completeness far better than travertine and marble for wet areas, especially in European countries are more functional and not have Efflorescence and change the colors or deformed as a relative deposition. The blocks of travertine and marble factory in the area and near the factory are used for the production of stone, as slab, tile, antique and industrial tools and sculpture.

Some explanations

To develop and manufacture a variety of industries, especially in sculpture and sculpture industry and classic facades of this stone, often quite compact and minimum porous in stone is needed. The strategy of the company is to buy blocks of rock from the mines that are located in cold regions and are suitable in the preparation and carrying out operations, particularly in fragile and even after installation of the different world with different weather. Because of the wide variety of natural stone mining, Iranian mines and stone quarries are as one of the largest manufacturers in the world as far as the numbers of registered mines are more than 1000 around the country.